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MOPT investigating disorder in overtime

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The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) investigates an apparent disorder in overtime during 2013.
The alleged irregularities were evident in DFOE-IFR-IF-08-2014 Aug. 19 report prepared by the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) and …

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Native Experience With the Guaymi in Costa Rica

Submitted by on June 8, 2011 – 10:30 amNo Comment | 1,066 views

Native Experience With the Guaymi in Costa Rica

The Guaymi Indians are the earliest inhabitants of Costa Rica’s far southern corner, on the remote and mostly undeveloped Osa Peninsula, where wildlife largely exceeds human life. Also known as Ngöbe, this people still lives in the area, generally in natural protected reserves isolated from the rest of the world. Costa Rica car rental 4×4.

The Guaymi migrated from Panama and now inhabit indigenous reserves in the Valle Coto Brus and in Southern Golfo Dulce in the peninsula. They have surprisingly retained some of their semi-nomadic traditions, and are therefore allowed to pass freely over the border into Panama, which they mainly do during the coffee harvesting season when they go work on plantations.

To a certain extent, the Guaymi have been able to keep their traditions and culture alive by living in remote and hardly accessible lands. As you explore the Guaymi settlements, you are likely to see women wearing the colorful traditional garments and hear the native language which is spoken and even taught in local schools. The Guaymi originally lived in huts with palm roofs and dirt floors, and although some still do, most of them have upgraded to wooden houses on stilts. However, they still use traditional techniques for cooking, which is done exclusively over wooden-burning stoves. Costa Rica car rental Company.

The Guaymi have managed to preserve their culture so far, and are raising ever more interest from travelers who wish to learn about their customs and way of life. This could actually help maintain the Guaymi culture, as it fosters a demand for handicrafts and indigenous traditions, but travelers should be aware that this is a fragile people. Take the time to learn about the Guyami’s folklore and fascinating life, all the while remaining respectful of the people. Car rental Costa Rica San Jose.

There are a few reserves that are accessible to foreigners. For an authentic experience, try to use local guides, as involving the Guaymi community is the best way to respect their traditions and make sure that they profit from tourism as well.

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