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Minister of Finance: “solution to the deficit is more to the issue of revenue expenditure”

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The Minister of Finance and Vice President, Helio Fallas, said yesterday during his appearance before the Committee on Financial of the Legislature that the problem of fiscal deficit itself is very serious and should be …

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Volcano Irazu, Top Destination In Costa Rica

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Volcano Irazu, Top Destination In Costa Rica

With warm sun, sandy beaches, jungle type landscapes and a laid-back atmosphere throughout the country, Costa Rica is a dream destination for all travelers looking to relax on their vacation, doing nothing or almost. However, the country is also teeming with spectacular national parks filled with exotic wildlife, majestic volcanoes and much more, making it an ideal destination for adventure travelers ready to explore the unknown and live life on the edge. Costa Rica car rental.

One of the most beautiful parks in Costa Rica, Parque Nacional Volcan IRazu is situated in the country’s central valley. It is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Cartago, a provincial capital without much interest for the tourist, but existing as a bustling commercial center and located in a truly wonderful setting on a riverbank surrounded by spectacular peaks. Dominating the entire area, is the famous Volcano Irazu, Costa Rica’s largest and highest active volcano, looming at a height of 3,432 meters.

This magnificent volcano, with its impressive craters, has been the source of much damage in the area. Records of the destruction of the entire city of Cartago in 1723 have been found, as the Irazu unleashed its power on the city, before the eyes of the helpless Spanish governor or Costa Rica, Diego de la Haya Fernandez. Since then, over 15 major other eruptions have been recorded, some more destructive than others. Although Diego de la Haya never restored the city of Cartago, one of the volcano’s craters was named after him. Car rental Costa Rica.

The most recent eruption occurred in 1963, at the time of a visit of US President John F. Kennedy, who was welcomed with a rain of hot volcanic ash that blanketed most of Costa Rica’s central valley with piles up to more than 0.5 meter. This eruption lasted over two years and was particularly destructive as most agricultural lands surrounding the volcano were devastated and most of the region was flooded by clogged waterways.

The national park around Irazu was established in 1955 to protect an area covering 2,309 hectares around the base of the volcano. Travelers can visit the beautiful park and admire the wildlife before they attempt the perilous climb up to the craters of the Irazu. After belching a cloud of sulfurous gas in 1992, the volcano has remained relatively peaceful with only a few hissing fumaroles rising up to the skies once in a while. The adventurous will climb up to the summit made of bare landscapes of volcanic ash craters. The principal crater is truly awe-inspiring, 1,050 meters in diameter and 300 meters deep.  Rent a car in Costa Rica.

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