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MOPT investigating disorder in overtime

September 2, 2014 – 10:11 am Comments Off | 16 views

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) investigates an apparent disorder in overtime during 2013.
The alleged irregularities were evident in DFOE-IFR-IF-08-2014 Aug. 19 report prepared by the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) and …

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The victory set up the League in the qualifying

Submitted by on April 16, 2012 – 2:26 pmNo Comment | 380 views

If little David had settled for a hard time just cause Goliath, his achievement would never have been written in the psalms of the Old Testament. Costa Rica

Worth daring and simile to explain the proposal to Alajuelense football Lemon, served only to disturb for a short period of national three-time 45 minutes.

With the guidance of Kurt Bernard, the work of Cesar Gonzalez, Dave Myrie and Andrey Francis, Limón multiplied to cut the red and black gestation circuits in the range of midfield. And they succeeded partly because the urchins did not score in the 45 ‘.However, the league always created danger down the sides.

On the flanks manudos Jose Salvatierra highlighted on the right, and Christopher Meneses to the left, not to mention the hierarchy of Luis Miguel Valle at the waist, the playfulness of Diego Calvo and Alejandro Alpizar taconear suggestive of virtues they depararían revenues in the second half.

Libretto by halves. By not going beyond midfield puzzle without actually shuffling firepower options before the goalkeeper Patrick Pemberton, the approach of the Atlantic was incomplete.

The lines of the libretto by Sosa were clear in regards to contain the enemy and complicate the give and take.

But there was almost total lack in the definition phase, so limiting that Patrick Pemberton suffered no troubles at first base and, ultimately, not in the plugin.

The League to fund the meantime, urged the victory, in his irrepressible desire a place among the four contenders for the title, after strenuous effort of the first 45 minutes, Alajuelense managed to open gap, defined 2-0′s commitment in the second chapter and scored their sixth straight win.

The League opened the first gap in the goal of Dexter Lewis, one minute of the restart (46 ‘).

Alejandro Alpizar was who finished a superb movement by the left wing of Christopher Meneses. Center height. Return Salvatierra … Alpizar to the network! One to zero.

The second realization was due to a new and fruitful progress of Christopher Meneses.

After outdo their guards, Meneses was outlined on the left to the center, go to Cristian Oviedo. Fantastic shot, great goal and judgment!

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